Heel Pain

Foot and Leg Pain

Heel pain or what some call plantar fasciitis (now called plantar heel pain) affects the underside of the heel. There is a long band of fibrous tissue that inserts in the underside of the heel bone and this can get small micro tears in it.


This has many causes including poor biomechanics (abnormalities in the way we walk) which places increased stress or pressure on the heel and soft tissues that attach to it. The stress may result from repetitive strain while walking or running, injury to the heel region, standing on hard surfaces, wearing poor footwear or being overweight.




Some systemic diseases or arthritic conditions can masquerade as plantar heel pain which your Podiatrist can assess and refer you back to your GP for bloodwork if this is indicated to help diagnose the problem.


Before treatment commences we must have an accurate diagnosis which will come from a thorough history taking session at the start of your appointment.



Once this is obtained we find using a collection of strategies at the same time to help reduce loading on the heel works best. This can involve firm foot taping (which can be done at home by yourself or a partner), off the shelf or custom orthoses, foot mobilisation for stiff joints, dry needling for trigger points around the heel and calf and stretching and strengthening.


If these aren’t as effective as hoped then dextrose prolotherapy has some evidence for success and ultrasound guided cortisone is a last resort and can be effective. Referral to an orthopaedic surgeon is rare but can be made if needed.



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