Foot posture (gait) analysis / Running technique assessment
Joint mobilisation / manipulation
Dry needling
Footwear advice


“We often use a combination of treatment options – this gives our patients the best results”


Custom made orthotics (medical insoles)

Medical orthotics are insoles manufactured specifically to a foot cast. They are designed to reduce pain and increase healing around the injured tissue. They are typically more durable than conventional arch supports last anywhere from 6-10 years depending on materials used.



This involves a series of injections of a dextrose (medical sugar) solution, immediately under the skin (not into the painful site) with a very fine needle targeting the source of the pain. The solution stimulates the body to repair the painful area and can result in full recovery within 6-8 sessions, depending on an individual response. During the recovery time rest is avoided and replaced with modified activity.



Foot Mobilisation techniques (FMT)

Stiff joints have long been known to cause dysfunction in the body - foot joints are no different. Poor foot alignment or previous injury can lead to restrictions developing, over time this can lead to pain and disability. Gentle mobilisations or movements of foot joints by a qualified FMT practitioner can reduce these restrictions, enhance flexibility and ultimately reduce pain. Exercises are be prescribed while you are receiving this to compliment the treat you receive from your practitioner.


Dry Needling

This is a form of western acupuncture useful for a number of muscle and ligament issues, particularly useful where ‘trigger points’ or knot’s in muscles are giving rise to pain. We use premium Japanese acupuncture needles and insert them into these tight muscle areas.



Video gait analysis

Southern Sports Podiatry can video your foot strike and running and running technique, slow this down and analyse during your appointments. These imbalances that you may be hindering your recovery so understanding this will help you on the road to recovery quicker. This service is also great for showing changes in children’s feet from year to year.





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