Custom Cycling Orthoses

Podiatry Treatments

Custom Cycling Orthoses are insoles made specifically for you that fit neatly inside your cycling shoes. These should be made by an appropriately qualified podiatrist, and are designed to give comfort and reduce any collapse of your foot when pedaling. Cycling orthoses are made from very light weight materials.


The principle behind a cycling orthotic is to distribute pressure over a greater surface area. When riding without orthotics the majority of the pressure is under the front of your foot which is above your cleat. This places significant load over the metatarsals and associated nerves, which can lead to "hot foot" when the nerves get compressed.



The cycling orthotic distributes this load out over the whole surface of the foot therefore reduced high peaks of pressure. Cycling orthotics also help maintain the foot in its neutral position. If for example your foot rolls inwards (pronates) then this in turn will lead to an internally rotated knee position which can cause issues with knee cap tracking.

We get a lot of questions regarding the effects on cycling orthotics and power output. Currently the evidence tells us that there is no power advantage. Although if you are riding with painful or numb feet then this will negatively impact your power.



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