Foot Mobilisation

Podiatry Treatments

Stiff joints have long been known to cause dysfunction in the body - foot joints are no different. Poor foot alignment or previous injury can lead to restrictions developing, over time this can lead to pain and disability. Gentle mobilisations or movements of foot joints by a qualified FMT practitioner can reduce these restrictions, enhance flexibility and ultimately reduce pain.


Southern Sports Podiatry has been using this method of treatment alongside conventional methods since it opened in 2009 and find it integral to the management of injuries, reducing pain and increasing function.


A series of mobilisations and manipulations are used around the foot and ankle, at least once per week, but ideally twice weekly. Typically a short course of 2 sessions per week over 3 weeks will identify if the problem is due to stiff joints and often results can be seen within this time frame.


Exercises are prescribed while you are receiving this to compliment the foot mobilisation.




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