Ingrown Nail Surgery

Podiatry Treatments


If conservative care has failed to help we can provide you with a successful permanent option in the clinic within a single visit.


The sterile procedure is provided in the clinic consulting room using local anaesthesia to numb the toe so the offending side of the toenail can be removed without pain. The problem side or sides of the toenail are carefully removed along with the piece where the nail grows from call the matrix. A strong chemical is used to kill off any remaining nail cells and a sterile dressing placed over the surgical site. We allow 45-60 minutes for the procedure.


We get the patient to check the dressing 2 days after the procedure, give it a soak with salt water and re-apply a dressing with antiseptic, Crystaderm we find is the best to use. This is repeated daily until we review approximately one week after the procedure.


This has a very high success rate, with research showing there to be a 5% chance of re-grow. We do not charge for a repeat procedure if this is the case.


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