Movement Analysis

Podiatry Treatments


The way we move and load through our legs can be assessed to determine whether this would be having an effect on the injury you present with. Southern Sports Podiatry use a number of in-clinic tests to help but we find observing the movement of the foot and leg via video and through pressure mapping can help tie everything together providing the best outcome for the patient.


Video walking and running analysis

This is done through a video via a tablet with the ability to slow down and look at the alignment frame by frame. Angles can be drawn on a measured if needed to help in the assessment.





Tekscan Matscan Pressure Analysis

What we can’t see with a normal visual assessment is the pressure our feet create with the ground – research shows that it is pressure and force that causes injury. We have invested the most up-to-date walking and balance tool, the Tekscan Mobile Mat. It is a portable pressure mapping tool that can capture and evaluate dynamic foot function, profile anatomical landmarks, assess postural stability, and perform balance analysis. We can easily assess the different loading patterns or asymmetries between left and right feet, target the contributing factors to the problem.


We find this tool integral to our assessment of foot function and has enabled us to get a better understanding of the things we can’t see to help us with the things that matter – and that is getting you back out moving and exercising pain free.


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