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Skin and Nail Care


Heel Pain

Heel pain or what some call plantar fasciitis (now called plantar heel pain) affects the underside of the heel. There is a long band of fibrous tissue that inserts in the underside of the heel bone and this can get small micro tears in it.


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Calluses are hard, thickened areas of skin that are generally not painful and require no treatment. This hardened skin is the body’s way of protecting itself from diffuse pressure or friction.


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Corns are common foot conditions that occur from repeated focal pressure on the foot, such as rubbing of the skin against a shoe, wearing no socks with shoes, or foot deformities.


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Cracked Heals

Early stages of fissures on the feet, particularly the heel, involve the splitting of the skin to produce unsightly cracks. If heel cracks remain untreated, the cracks can progress into fissures.


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Fungal Nails

Nail fungus infections are caused when fungi infects the nail plate and the soft tissue beneath the nail in some cases has little to do with personal cleanliness.


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Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails occur when the toenail begins to curve and grow into the skin. There are many causes of ingrown toenails. Some of these are uncontrollable and just bad luck, as in the case of genetic factors.


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They are caused by a viral infection and over time, develop into a hard, rough growth on the surface of the skin. A wart is most commonly seen on the bottom of the foot (known as a plantar wart or verruca), but can also appear on the top.


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Foot and Leg Pain


Achilles Pain

Pain in the Achilles tendon is often an overuse injury to the band of tissue that connects the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. Although it is commonly seen in athletes, it can affect people of all demographics.


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Foot and Ankle Pain

You may have an obvious reason for this, like a recent sprain, but sometimes there is a not so obvious reason. Either way it is important to have it checked out by a qualified Sports Podiatrist.


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Child + Adolescent Foot, Ankle & Leg Pain

We see a range of problems in growing feet and legs from heel pain in 8-14 years olds through to pain in the front of the knee in early high school age.


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Forefoot Pain

Pain in the ‘ball’ of the foot has a number of causes from an obvious traumatic incident to a more common gradual onset presentation over a period of week or months.


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Blisters are caused by the skin having to stretch too much (it's called skin shear) and not the typical rubbing that we think would cause them.


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