Child + Adolescent Foot, Ankle & Leg Pain

Foot and Leg Pain

We see a range of problems in growing feet and legs from heel pain in 8-14 years olds through to pain in the front of the knee in early high school age.


Although we put this under the problems we solve section, a number of the growth related problems are more about managing the problem rather than fixing, as the problem will generally be grown out of when growth plates have fused over at their respective times.





One very common problem we see is an adolescent heel pain called Severs. It generally affects boy more than girls and is in the range of 8-14 years of age. It will present at times of increased loads, where there is cross over of sports, a change in ground hardness or a growth spurt.


Management revolves around reducing the forces on the heel with shoe advice, off the shelf orthoses, foot taping, stretching and modification of activity. As we know it currently, the pain that is experienced in this condition doesn’t tend to have a long term affect into teenage or adult life.


Other growth plate related problems we see is Osgood-Schlatters which is pain below the knee cap region often characterized by a big lump where the knee tendon attaches into the shin. Iselin’s is a less common problem which affects the outside of the foot about half way down. This can be helped with foot taping and off the shelf or custom orthoses.


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