Fungal Nails

Skin and Nail Care

Nail fungus infections are caused when fungi infects the nail plate and the soft tissue beneath the nail in some cases has little to do with personal cleanliness. Something as simple as banging a toe or finger, trimming your nails too closely or wearing tight shoes is enough to weaken the nail and expose the underlying nail bed to infection. Toenails are most vulnerable to infection, since they spend much of their day surrounded by dark, warm and often moist shoes and socks.


An infection may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. As the nail fungus spreads, it may cause your nail to discolour, thicken and develop crumbling edges. Thick toenails may cause discomfort in shoes and may even make standing and walking uncomfortable for some people. The infection can spread to other nails, and possibly to other people. That's why it is important to seek treatment as soon as you think you have an infection. Your Podiatrist can diagnose and identify the fungus.



There are 3 main way to treat fungal nails

applied daily for 3-12 months, works for minor/new infections with success rates are between 10-30% when used alone but often used in conjunction with other treatments to increase outcomes
Oral antifungal tablets:
taken daily in 2 x 6 week long courses, you will need a liver function test at the end of the 6 weeks before commencing the second course. They can affect gut health and has a success rate of around 50-60%
Lunula cold laser:
course of treatment 4-6 weekly treatments
highest success rate of all known treatments
painless treatment with no side effects


Click here for more info on Lunula laser


Ongoing maintenance of your feet and the socks and shoes you use is important. You must either treat or change to new ‘uninfected’ socks, sterilise your shoes regularly using the sterishoe and use a cream for your skin daily if your feet are showing signs of tinea. Your Podiatrist can take you through the best care for your feet.



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